Ngano dzakaenda kupi (Where did the stories go)

Today I just felt like writing something in my mother tongue, Shona. I don’t know many websites in Shona and since I could not find too many things I thought why not just add it to my blog. Hopefully in future I can have a Shona sectio. I will need to figure out how to do this in WordPress as I manage my own websites. I have written just two paragraphs asking what happened to the folklore (ngano) of hare (tsuro) and baboon(gudo). As children we were delighted for hours by the stories of hare always outwitting baboon. It was always like this, hare getting the better of baboon. I cannot remember a time in a story when baboon came out tops.

So for a very long time I always saw the hare which for me was the same as a rabbit, as a very clever animal while the baboon was stupid, slow and going to fall for some trick sooner or letter. Come to think of it the stories were quite short but always entertaining and something we always looked forward to. You could never tell what would happen on a particular occasion.

Tiri vana vadiki taiudzwa ngano dzana tsuro nagudo. Nyaya idzi dzainaikidza zvokuti waitosiya zvose zvawanga uri kuita, kuti uterere. Tsuro mag’ena kanga kakangwara chaizvo. Gudo aigara achitambiswa pfungwa dzake. Waitoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei. Sei Gudo achigara achingoona moto, zuva nezuva. Hapana kana musi wandinorangarira Sekuru Gudo vachingwadza Tsuro.

Zvino zvatave vana samusha tobvunza kuti ko nhai ngano dzanatsuro nagudo dzakaendepi? Kana muchiziva dai mukandiziva.Chokwadi ndinoda kuziva. Nokuti mazuva ana tsuro nagudo aiva mazuva okafara. Paisava nezvinhu zvakawanda zvokutamba nazvo asi zvanga zvakakwana.

Hama neshamwari ndiko kupindana kwemazuva, achizogumisira ava makore. Vanhu havachazivi kutandara nevana. Shedzai mbuya kana sekura muvabvunzei kuti ngano dzakaendepi.

Ramblings about finding your passion or is it your passion finding you

What is your passion?
What is your passion?

Not to long ago I read an article that completely changed the way I thought about finding your passion. It was an article by Mark Manson.  The article challenged many things I had in mind about the topic but it also made perfect sense.

When does a person know when they have found their passion? When their passion finds them! So many times people are searching for their passion in life, that one thing that will truly resonate with them, their being when they can declare with confidence, ” This is what I was born to do.”  What is it that’s so special about a passion that gives you this special feeling. Is there such a thing, an activity that can give us so many fulfillment every single day of our lives? Yes!  We might also be surprised to learn that a passion may just be something very ordinary, something you have done before, something you may be even doing right now.

Remember the time when you are a child. You had lots of fun doing all kinds of things, playing games, watching cartoons, tv series, and pretty much anything that tickled your fancy. When something bored you just stopped doing it. You didn’t sit down and analyse why you had to stop or continue doing something. The decision took a matter of seconds. It just happened like that. You just simply stopped and moved on with life. You were in the flow. When did things get so complicated as an adult? Why is it that as an adult choosing what you enjoy or don’t enjoy has become such an involved process? You don’t need an expert to tell you what you really enjoy.
Why not learn from our experiences as children? Allow you to guide you. Find the inspiration and knowledge within.  You clearly know when you are not enjoying something. This should not be rocket science.
I spent so many years going from one job to another or moving from one project to another. I knew within a matter of days if I was going to enjoy something or not. I did not settle. I was on the quest for the holy grail in my career, doing something I really loved, my passion. Some say work does not have to be enjoyed. I beg to differ. I find work far more fulfilling when I enjoy what I am doing. Yes sometimes the days are hectic but for the most part when I am done at the end of the day I feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that I have done the most I could with the time I had.

Interestingly I got back to things I have been interested in for a very long time. Maths, Chess and Writing. I already knew before I was a teen just how much I enjoyed Chess, Maths and Writing. No one had to sell these things to me. I just bought into them naturally. One thing which I realised that cuts through all these is analysis and expression. I love to analyse and to express myself.

When we play chess we work out the moves in our head and play them on the board. In maths we are solving in our head and on paper as well. Writing brings form to our otherwise invisible thoughts and ideas. So I find that as an adult I have gone back to the passion of youth. I did not find my passion as such. My passion found me and I have merely heeded the call.

Of course the question about always comes up. Will I make enough money doing this. I believe that if you really find something you love, money won’t be a problem. However, I must qualify my statement. The decision about pursuing your passion is not one made in a vacuum. You probably have an idea of the kind of life you would like to live. What will it take to get to that point. If you love something enough, how much does money play an equation in it. If thought of money is preventing you from pursuing something then you are probably looking at the wrong thing. If you manage your life in such a way that you can do what you really love, then why worry about money.
For example if you decided to make a living writing novels or short story then you will know income flows might be very erratic. That is something you have to factor in. How are you going to prepare for that? Are you going to start writing novels fulltime now knowing that distinct possibility of erratic income or you are going to work hard on something else while writing novels on the side until the side thing is big enough to become the main act?
Sometimes we lack patience in life because we want things to happen immediately. Rome was not built in a day. If your dreams take you 3 years that is nothing really. What is 3 years really in a life of 60 years? Five percent! That is a very small price to pay for seeing your dreams come true. Do not allow time to get in the way of working on your dreams and goals. Nurture that passion, one day at a time and it will grow into the thing you dreamnt of.

Sometimes the answers come when we do nothing

Lots of work to be done, not much time for it.
Lots of work to be done, not much time for it.

Time gives us the answers to some of the difficult questions in life. For a very long time I really struggling with making enough time for all my online activities. How much time did I need to spend on all the social networks? I just could not get enough done on the blog and it seemed I could only blog once in a blue moon. There was just so much pressure but where was all this pressure coming from? Was it from the world? No it was from me. I was just generating my own pressure and stress. How was I going to solve my problem?

A change in personal circumstances led me to spend much less time online. I became a Maths Teacher last year and it just cut down drastically the amount of time I spent online. Suddenly the problems of how to split my time online disappeared. There was no time to spend online.

With me taking a break from the online world, the pressure that goes with it also seem to disappear. Wow! We live in a small town where there is no traffic and life is quite laid back. This really gave me time to just chill, really!

As a result of this I neglected my online presence on a few networks especially Twitter. What would happen to my profile? Would the Twitterverse even notice I was going? Facebook was the one platform where I continued to keep a presence.

Now it feels like I can spend much more time online again and for some strange reason, everything feels fine with the priorities. The writing bug is back and I am writing more than ever. However, more importantly I making more time to read. Reading novels, reading classics and just reading in general. The priorities have somehow materialised and I just to know what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. I now prefer to use my Facebook page instead of personal profile for inspirations. I would like to reach more people without necessarily being more commercial.

I deleted some pages I had created which I was no longer using. It just occured to me that even though I had put time into creating some of these things, they were no longer serving their purpose. I detoxed and it feels great. I think I can now blog regularly again.

The time away from a lot of things has done me wonders. It just makes me realise how precious time is.  Sometimes a bit of peace and quiet can really help to put everything in perspective. Reflecting on everything I realise that the answers came when I did nothing, when I let go and in that time chaos was distilled to a beautiful clarity that I live with now!

Henry Chitsenga, The Philanthropist

There are many, many people who have inspired me in my life. Henry Chitsenga is one of them. I connected with Mukoma Henry, some years ago through Facebook and we have chatted every now and then. I am just amazed by the incredible work this man has done  in Zimbabwe over the years with orphans. His vision and life mission is simple, to leave the world a better place that he found it and I believe so far he has already done that, looking at all the people whose lives he has been touching along the way.

Mukoma Henry is fiercely determined to fulfil his mission. Nothing will stop the man. He used to teach at Morgan High in Harare and many times when I have mentioned fellow students from the school that I engaged them, he tells me he taught them in this year and that year. A few examples are Kennedy Makahamadze , John Mangwengwende and Michael Luberto whose paths I crossed because of chess.  What I find very remarkable is that often he is able to give me the exact years that he taught the students.

Mukoma Henry is currently a Maths Teacher at St Edward’s School in the United Kingdom. About teaching he says it is a noble job which he values most. What drives the man I asked him. He is driven by the abject poverty and suffering of the less privileged members of our community. It is his dream to help just a few orphans so that they can get the best education they deserve.

Taking that first step

Bruce Mubayiwa:

“Sometimes things take time so we can first become the best version of ourselves”.

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“Sometimes things take time so we can first become the best version of ourselves”. The biggest shock wasn’t hearing those words, but realizing that I wasn’t the best version of myself.


If someone said to me a month ago that I will soon be the first one to pitch at the gym on a Saturday morning at 6 am, I would have laughed my ass off (if only this could really happen, no gym would be needed). But as I pitched up at gym (while it was still pretty damn pitch-dark outside and most people in the area were still asleep), I wasn’t laughing my ass off. Instead, I was rather proud of myself for my determination and willpower to become the best version of myself. So as I found myself to be the only one in the cardio section for the first 15 minutes, I could not help…

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African Union and the Malawi Elections

There is a small problem regarding the Malawi elections. The African Union observer and former President of Namibia Dr Sam Nujoma has already declared the elections Free and Fair on the very first day of voting. However, we need to note a few things. Firstly both the voting and counting had not been completed. The voting was initially extended by a day. Secondly, there have been a number of irregularities during these elections. In fact as I write this update President Banda has requested that that Malawi Electoral Commission audits the entire process. This statement from President Banda was a result of many complaints by political parties around the election. Thirdly the vote counting system collapsed in Malawi this morning. The counting team is resorting to workarounds such as Faxes to sort the vote.

Now back to the African Union. How do they respond? They have already declared the elections Free and Fair for all intents and purposes. They must be praying that all the issues coming out of this election are resolved otherwise they would look a bit silly.

There was so much hope and expectation when the Organisation for African (OAU) Union gave way to the African Union. The OAU had its time and we were expected Africa to go to a whole new level with the AU. How can one account for the actions of the AU. On what basis did they make the statement on Malawi. Was it made on a scientific and statistical basis using the proportion of votes that had been counted and having made future projections? Was it an informed statement or was it perhaps something that cannot in any way be substantiated?

Perhaps questions Africa might need to ask itself is how much value is African Union adding, is it fulfilling the mandate for which it was set up? What will it take for African Union to provide the visionary leadership that Africa desperately craves. Many questions I ask. I trust that African Union will show us the way!#AfricaIsRising

Matenda Madzoke, the simple Mayor from Kwekwe making a difference

Matenda Titos Madzoke, the simple mayor from Kwekwe in Zimbabwe
Matenda Titos Madzoke, the simple mayor from Kwekwe in Zimbabwe

Today I read a story that inspired me. I picked up this story on Things you did not know about Zim Facebook page. 

  • This is City of Kwekwe mayor Matenda Titos Madzoke.
  • The City wanted to buy a $68 000 car for him, but he refused – suggesting that a refuse truck be bought instead.
  • He prefers using his bicycle instead, which he uses to cycle to work, and to be closer to people because he says ‘..there is no way I can hear complaints from people while driving a car around a city full of potholes.’
  • He still stays in his house, bought before he became Mayor: the Mayoral mansion is empty because of that.
  • He only earns $260 in allowances.
  • Kwekwe recently won two awards at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) for the city with the best treated water and another for its initiative to repair roads using locally generated resources.