What’s your take?

It’s always great to hear someone’s take,
Someone else’s views,
Someone else’s opinions,
Their take on things so to speak.
But what’s your take on it?
What do you have to say about it?
Have you ever really thought about it?

Sometimes we rush to embrace as our own,
Other people’s takes, views, opinions on things even before we have one ourselves?
Is it not better to be informed yourself then you can be challenged and possibly compare notes and even inform others.
But to be challenged without
any knowledge or information or view on something,
Surely things could be better.

Do not be in awe because you heard it from someone,
Heard about something you have right before your own eyes!
Don’t allow yourself to be easily shaken because someone has rocked the boat a little.
Do not accept without question what you hear.
Think about it!
Find out for yourself!
Experience for yourself!
Then think about what you heard.
Does it make sense now?
Or does it still make sense?

Some have said if a person doesn’t stand for something, they will fall for anything!
What do you stand for?
Whats on your take on matters?
Have you got one?
Or you just go with the flow?

Don’t panic if your views are challenged.
Don’t be in crisis!
Take it in calmly!
This could be a chance to learn more.

It’s not about whose voice is louder,
Or who is more forceful and persuasive in debate.
You can even decide you are content with what you have already!
It’s really up to you.
Use that gift of choice and freewill!

Remember at the end of the day it’s up to you what your view is,
Take your time,
But have a take on things.


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