This and that – The simple priority today!

The simple decisions you make today could have far reaching implications tomorrow. A simple thing such as how much time you will spend with your family, with your kids, with your partner, could determine whether tomorrow you are a content man with much to be grateful for or an unsettled man with strangers in his own home. I have spoken to a number of elderly people who confided in me about some of their biggest regrets in life. These are people who made some huge trade-offs earlier in their lives.

I would have thought that they would have wished for the really “big” things in life. Things like wealth, the cravings that we all long for, money, or fame. Not at all!  They regretted things like not having kids or not seeing their kids grow up, not spending more time with their family, not doing the simple things like staying at home and attending to the garden. They longed for those things that they could never correct.  You see now their kids were grown up men or women, some estranged from them. All the money in the world could not change things because one the the most precious things we take for granted, time, was gone .   These things my sister, my brother, are the things that really matter I believe.  Of course a man must eat but only that he may live, rather than live that he may eat.

You are surrounded by so much treasure yet sometimes you might miss it. Cherish it and treasure each minute, every night and day. Everything is passing but the simple priorities of today could have profound consequences tomorrow.

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