The rocky road on the journey

A few days ago I had the distinct  feeling that my train had derailed. Instead of being keen to motivate and inspire others, I found myself badly needing some inspiration to keep going. Could I heed and implement the advice which I had given so liberally?  Could I swallow the bitter medicine I had so enthusiastically prescribed to others.  Someone once said that I always have something to say. What was I saying now? I was deadly silent trying to figure out what had just happened. I had nothing to say and didn’t need anyone to say anything to me.

It was life that had happened and life was continuing. I sat trying to piece words and ideas together but nothing would come. I was just blank. I wondered how I could have been in this situation when everything looked so rosy before. I had been making  projections of various sorts and pondering my next move.  Had I counted my chicks before they were hatched? Had I gone ahead of myself preparing for a future which had not come to be. Well the reality and the present are very much here.

This happens during the journey. You think you have almost arrived but you realise you have just taken a wrong turn that gets you back to square one.  The gains are reversed. Instead of trying to add to our gains we find ourselves fighting to limit the losses and the damage.  Don’t forget the experience that you are gaining in the process.  Is there a better teacher in this world than experience? It’s not entire back to scratch because you have the hindsight and little  wealth of experience gained. Things are not always going to be so difficult. It may be dark and windy today but tomorrow the sun will be shining again. If only you can endure the storm you will experience the beautiful calm that follows.

Obstacles will come your way but there is way around them if not over them. Dodge them if you have to. Do what it takes to move forward.  The current hardships are only temporary. Tomorrow it’s a different situation.  But for now deal with it. Let’s continue with the journey. BTM

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