The right question…

The right question

Could get you closer to your destination,

Could get you the right answer and not the one you want to hear or expect,

Could reveal wisdom, perspectives, views you had not even considered,

Could get you thinking about bigger things,

Could get you exploring the possibilities and move them closer to realities,

Could  show you that it’s indeed possible,

Could  unlock the wisdom and knowledge in others,

Could  show your openness to learning new things and hearing different and opposing ideas,

Could even get things going in a totally different direction,

But the right one after all.

Ask the right question,  dare not only to question but to ask the right question,

Before you proceed  think carefully about what you hope to achieve with your question,

Be direct, be subtle, unearth the treasures that lies beneath!

Remember there is power in words,

And get closer to achieving and realising this full power with your question.

The right question!

But what is the right question?

Think about it and decide! Then ask.


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