Get your website

Do you need a website? Look no further. I can set up a website for you or your business within a week! With email.

For A COST R1800 for the FIRST YEAR. The R1800 covers buying you a domain, developing the website, hosting it for the year, setting up your email. Here is the detail:

I will get you a or if it is available. Unfortunately this is the only domain type included. You would pay the extra for .com or other variations.

The website will have at least 4 pages. My websites are very basic but functional. They are NOTHING FANCY but they work!

I will HOST the website for you as well for a whole year. (So you won’t pay any additional hosting fees. Normally hosting fees are about R50 to R100 a month which works out to R600 to R1,200 a year. This cost would be included in the R1800)

I will also set up your emails and provide you with the instructions for at least 20 emails including forwarding and the link.

I can normally do everything within one working week if I get all the information, writeups and logos.

All my websites run on wordpress. Unfortunately I don’t do any other platform.

I have developed my own websites over the years. Here are a few of the websites I have done.

I am very happy to provide references as well for other customers.

After the first year you will pay R500 for hosting. All the money is PAYABLE IN ADVANCE BEFORE WORK IS DONE. The cost of R1800 is ONLY for the first year of hosting.

Extras required on the website once it is up and running are not covered. Those will be billed at R300 an hour.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – This service is unfortunately NOT AVAILABLE to any individual or business residing in Northern Cape.