Finding gold

You have found! Great! Even better, make use of it!

Finding gold is one matter, digging it up, refining and purifying it is another. – BTM

– Don’t start digging unless you are reasonably sure there is gold below.

– Unless you can extract the gold, the rock is of no use.

– You are going to have to do a whole lot of digging before you can start refining.

– You need to carry out all the necessary process before you can arrive at the final product.

Talent and genius are no guarantee for success. Neither is a stroke of good fortune, potential or opportunity.

You have to take it further, take it the next level. This is not an option but is demanded by the situation.

You have be able to carry out the extraction, then the refining and purifying. This is much more demanding than the finding which could have really been a random event. Until all the steps are carried out to completion we can never be satisfied with what we have. Until all the steps are carried out we will keep referring to that talent, that potential, that genius which might have gone so far.

It’s not enough to find! It’s really only the beginning.

Keep searching but don’t let your guard down

Search for your passion for as long as it takes but never lose sight of the issues of the day.

You might feel that you are not in your field of passion or doing what you really love. This is certainly no excuse for mediocrity and mediocrity is something we should not accept. Keep searching, all the while doing your very best in what you are doing.  How can you seek to enhance your reputation in one thing while you are failing in another. BTM

This point in time is unique. There will never be another like it!

This time is your stepping stone to greatness!

time-warpThis point in time stands out in history from any other time,  either before it or after it!

What are you doing about it?

Are you going to treat it like any other time?

Are you going to let this time pass unnoticed? Or are you going to acknowledge its uniqueness, its significance and importance to you?

Is one year as good as another to you? As good as the one before and even the ones before that?

What of one minute and the one before it?

This is not going to be just another year, month, week, day. You are going to see to it. You are going to do something about it. Time will never be the same again thanks to you.

Make your mark in this time, in this year, in this month,in this week, today!  Now! This is the time! What are you going to do at this time that will stand out from anything you have ever done?

Is this going to be the turning point? The time that you look back on and see how things changed?  The time when you cease to focus on the negative but rather seek to take positives from the situation? When you move from despair to hope!? The time when you refuse to be distracted by obstacles and instead focus of the distant but achievable targets?  The time when you refuse to give in the situation but rather you master the situation?

The time when you say, indeed there is no time like this time! – BTM