Let the Games Begin!

EXCITEMENT – Excitement is in the air. I have been feeling it for some time now. On the way to work I saw a taxi driver blowing the vuvuzela with one hand, and driving with the other.  Can we bring excitement, passion and excellence to everything we do. Can we not extend this excitment into our interactions with others, our work, into life!  How about infusing some excitement into everything that is connected to us?  Everyone is full of anticipation. What will happen today? How will the first day go? 

TURNING POINT – Could this be the turning point for Africa? For a long time many have doubted that Africa could host an event of this size, magnitude and importance.  I myself doubted at some stage but today with so many other critics we are dumbfounded. The calabash-themed Soccer stadium in Nasrec, Johnnannesburg is a sight to behond, a wonder of architecture and enough reason to travel thousands of kilometres just to see this amazing piece of construction.  Go Africa Go! Go for goal. Go for gold!

GOODWILL – There is a tremendous amount of goodwill everywhere I look.  Most people I see are  smiling or in good mood, very positive and very much in the moment and wishing for the common good for the national soccer team, BAFANA BAFANA and success of the world cup.  How great it would be if we could carry this goodwill beyond the games and make it a part of our lives. Imagine the impact if we could all be extremely positive in everything we do, every single day of our lives, working and striving together with one purpose and one vision.

THE GAMES BEGIN – The games kick off. The games begin but I am also hoping that a lot of positive things are kicking off and beginning in our lives. Don’t look back once the game begins. Focus on the ball, don’t lose the ball when you pass. Share the vision with others, pass the ball.  Keep track of your vision and objectives in life, keep the score.  If you overextend yourself, get back on track, don’t play offside.  Play fair, Play the ball, not the man!  Let the games begin. BTM

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