Keep trying!

It’s a fact of life, someone’s always gonna try to pull you down.
Even when you do a good job, someone will think it’s not good enough.
So stop worrying about it and get on with your business!
In the business of trying getting pulled down and discouraged
is simply the cost of business, not the end!
Forget about trying to change anyone’s perception,
work on getting better at whatever it is you want improve in.
After all you will only get better with practice.
Indeed practice not only makes perfect but it improves your confidence as well.

I have loved writing for a long time but had stopped for some years.
Some people told me I was long winded and did not get to the point
fast enough. Some said other my ideas were too simple, the words
were not strong enough – I lacked word power.
Some just asked me to stop the preaching and stop
sending the unsolicited email messages.
Others were more straightforward – Writing is just not for you!
Needless to say, some of the comments really hurt and I took them
to heart. Looking back some of these comments did nothing
to build me and help me with my goals. The criticism counted for nothing!

Now I keep trying to remember that quitters never win,
And winners never quit.
And I encourage you to do the same whatever it is,
Keep reaching for the best,
Keep searching for excellence,
Keep your vision and goals at the back of your mind
One day they will be a reality and you will gladyou kept trying!


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