Keep cheering, Keep supporting, Keep hoping!

Its been a tough year for me as a  sports fan. Most of the teams or sportsmen that I support have had a lean year. Successes for them have been few and far between. I have waited anxiously during many a game hoping that my team will prevail but it has not been the case. From soccer, tennis, and chess.

So what do I do? Do I abandon ship? Do I look for a better team to support? Do I only wait until the outcome is obvious that I show my support? Do I become a “dynamic” supporter, whose support is never constant but always depends on who is playing and who is winning?

No – I do not abandon ship. No – I do not look for a better team. No – I support from the beginning and right to the very end. I do not change allegiance in the middle of the game. No – My loyalties are clear and unmistakeable.

We were together in victory, today we do not part ways because of  defeat. Instead of parting ways, we close ranks. We take stock of where things are and seek a change in our fortunes.

Every team needs fans and every team needs a cheerleader no matter how bad things can get. Just as we need somebody on the field to motivate everyone to do their best, off the field we need someone to rally the fans to believe in their team. Right up to the final whistle, the fans will keep pushing their team to turn things around.  The fans and cheerleaders shout words of encouragement and motivation. Come on!! You can do it!

In bad times we need to remember the good that we are capable of.  Rise up and fight. The game is not yet over, give it your all!  In good times we need to take it to a higher level.  Higher and higher, let’s keep upping the level. There is no turning back, there is no relaxing, there is no sitting on our laurels.

Who is cheering your team on? Who is supporting your team? Who is hoping until the very end for your team?

We celebrate in victory, we commiserate in defeat. Instead of pushing apart, we pull together.  There is strength and comfort in our numbers and harmony.

I give my support wholeheartedly and unconditionally. We are on the same side. We can beat this!

I keep hoping for the best. If you are going through a lean spell today, perhaps tomorrow will be a day of plenty.

So I keep cheering, keep supporting and keep hoping  from the stands, knowing that the morale I add can make the difference, I urge on my charges, my team. They can do it. Together we can do it.

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