It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. (Audre Lorde)

This short article was inspired by a quotation by Audre Lorde. Audre Geraldine Lorde (February 18, 1934 – November 17, 1992) was a Caribbean-American writer, poet and activist.

STRENGTH, NOT WEAKNESS! – Our differences should be our strength rather than our weakness. Our differences bring our uniqueness to the fore.   Our differences show the endless possibilities of character, personality, creed, race, religion, gender, orientation,.Our difference should move us forward and not hold us back

SYNERGY – We need to look beyond the differences and focus on that we can do together.  What can one do that complements what the other cannot? What we can do together is much great than what the sum of our individual efforts working alone. How can we work together without getting in each other’s way but pushing each other to a higher level than we could have gone on our own?

PROGRESS – If we can pull one another up and not push each other down, we can do so much more and go much further. If we can look to where we are going and not be caught up in where we come from and why we are so different, we will be truly amazed by what we can do.

SOLID BASE – With differences come surprises, dynamics, the unexpected and the promises.  Our difference should not become a focus on our life but a solid base from which to strive for success. For with our differences we cover more perspectives, more experiences, more angles, we are more encompassing.

UNIQUE – If we could all have been the same, why not just have one person instead of billions who are exactly alike? We could never be the same and never will be, and indeed there has never been and never will be a need for this.

CELEBRATE! – There is no shame whatsoever in our differences. Rather there is great cause to celebrate and march forward, together! BTM

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