Finding gold

Finding gold is one matter, digging it up, refining and purifying it is another. – BTM

– Don’t start digging unless you are reasonably sure there is gold below.

– Unless you can extract the gold, the rock is of no use.

– You are going to have to do a whole lot of digging before you can start refining.

– You need to carry out all the necessary process before you can arrive at the final product.

Talent and genius are no guarantee for success. Neither is a stroke of good fortune, potential or opportunity.

You have to take it further, take it the next level. This is not an option but is demanded by the situation.

You have be able to carry out the extraction, then the refining and purifying. This is much more demanding than the finding which could have really been a random event. Until all the steps are carried out to completion we can never be satisfied with what we have. Until all the steps are carried out we will keep referring to that talent, that potential, that genius which might have gone so far.

It’s not enough to find! It’s really only the beginning.

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