Find the way that gets you there!

If your way does not take you to the desired destination, find the one that gets you there!

Don’t be content with being lost without end!  Do not be trapped in limbo! Don’t allow yourself to be in a situation where you are going nowhere slowly. If you are going nowhere, what are the chances that you will ever get somewhere without any input? Getting somewhere is going to take effort, its going to take determination, its going to take patience. These are the things that lie between nowhere and somewhere.

Don’t be pointing fingers at people for your current situation and location. Don’t be worrying about whether you are pointing at the right person. It is not going to help you or anyone else. Point rather to where you want to go. Point in the right direction and get going in that direction.

 There is no such thing as an open ended journey.  The journey has to end at some point! There is always going to be a start and an end! The end of one journey sees the beginning of another. If you have been on a long journey, yet feel that you are still nowhere, do not write off all that mileage. All those things that you saw, did and experienced will serve well in the road ahead.

Clock watching will get you nowhere! Waiting for the end of the day for its own sake will not bring any gains!  There is so much more to life!  Are you going to let yourself rot in a rut? Doing the same things repeatedly will not bring different results! Expecting such would be insanity.

If your highway is leading nowhere, find one that goes somewhere! In the process of finding that route that takes you there, be patient, be observant and be determined. Never forget where you want to go. Even if you may need to go backwards, sideways, or diagonally even at some stage but eventually you will start moving forward. Get going!  BTM

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