Dream on!

The following is an impromptu article on dreaming prompted by a long conversation with a friend. 

KEEP DREAMING! – Never stop dreaming no matter what. Keep dreaming even if the dreams may seem too far fetched given the reality. Don’t forget the dreams. Don’t worry if your circumstances and your dreams now seem impossible. For the impossibility today is the reality tomorrow. Write those dreams down, keep track of those dreams. You never know when you will need to turn back to that dream you once had! Even if you are going to die tomorrow, keep dreaming. The one who dreams need not be the one who achieves the dream.

CHANGE IS GOOD! – If your situation changes, realign your changing circumstances to that dream. As your situation changes what it means is that you are being re-positioned. You are getting a different angle, perspective ,platform from which to pursue the dream. Don’t allow the hustle and bustle of life to turn you into a robot, where everything becomes automatic. Stop and think, stop and dream!

WATCH OUT FOR COMFORT! – As you dream watch out for comfort zones in life.  The comfort zones are sometimes really the dead zones. In these zones there is no change, no growth and the saddest of all, our dreams die. What an irony that the comfort most long for becomes the biggest obstacle to dreams.

THE DREAM – Dreams will always come to those who dare to imagine, to think differently, to see beyond the present, the obvious, to those who dare the impossible. Could prehistoric man ever have imagined that we might set foot on the moon, let alone being able to see what exists outside our own world and galaxies.

CLOSER! -You are closer to your dreams that you could have imagined. Whether this means being your own boss, starting your company, security the job you want, making a difference to your personal or working life, community or even society, it is all possible. You are doing to dream it and you are going to dream big. Dream on! BTM

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