Own Your Industry – Douglas Kruger keeps his promise!

Douglas Kruger releases his book – Own Your Industry

Own Your Industry
Own Your Industry

I am so excited this morning because a certain young man promised to write a book not too long ago and now that book is available in the bookstores. Over the years I have heard many people say they will write a book but the truth is that very few deliver on their promise or dream. It’s one thing to say you will write a book. It’s another story completely having the book available countrywide. Action speaks much louder than words.

Douglas Kruger has delivered on his promise to publish his game-changing book on how to Own Your Industry. Congratulations Douglas on the release of the book “Own Your Industry” and reminding us that Word is Bond! I can’t wait to get my copy from one of the very best speakers in the game. ‪#‎OwnYourIndustry‬.

Champion Speaker Douglas Kruger
Champion Speaker Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger is the only speaker in Africa to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record five times. He is also Africa’s only 2nd place World Champion! Competing in Reno, Nevada in 2004, he achieved the highest ranking Africa has ever attained at this prestigious contest. Douglas will bring world-class platform skills to your conference, because not only is he a master at connecting with audiences, but his content is of an international standard.

Here is the Douglas’ Book launch interview with Vuka TV.

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