My Roshak is finally done!  Below is how it looked at a very stage  early stage in the process.

The next picture shows how it looked after a few brush strokes. At this stage I was just working with black paint.  I use fast drying oil paint which is convenient because it takes hours instead of days to dry.

I really struggled with this piece.   When my wife remarked that the piece reminded her of the Roshak character from the movie “The Watchmen” and the graphic novel of the same name ,  it gave me a new lease of life and I suddenly had many ideas on how to develop the painting.  We also had a name for the painting!  I might revisit the movie or graphic novel for more inspiration.

The final piece looks very different from the first picture. I actually took this picture at 180 degrees, with the camera on its side. I think this is how I will display the painting. BTM

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