The 3 Fs

The 3 Fs today are FIND, FIT, FREEDOM

FIND – Locate your own niche.  FIND your own space under the sun,  the area, the thing, the pursuit that you excel in.  Reflect on your ability, your talent and your potential.  Search and you will FIND. The discovery awaits you.

FIT – Are you FIT for the purpose and goals that you have set for yourself?  Are you keeping in shape? Are you practising? Are you taking time to invest in your own ability to go all the way. Are you keeping FIT?

FREEDOM – It’s really up to you to decide how far you will go? The choice is yours! You have the FREEDOM to decide where, when and how you will pursue your goals. You made the FIND and you are keeping FIT. Feel free to go all the way. BTM

One comment

  1. Hi Bruce,

    Your 3 F’s you have come up with are excellent. Without it you won’t be as successful. If you in something that is overcrowded, it will be hard for people to find you. If you don’t do the job properly, people won’t respect you. And with freedom, if you don’t stand out from the crowed and do your own things, you won’t stand out.

    Great tips.


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