This is the year!

Happy New Year to you. I hope that you have a fantastic 2010!

I believe this is the year. This is the year when it all comes together.  This is the year when it happens.  The year of breakthrough and the year of achievement.

Having flipped past and through page 2009 we are now firmly in page 2010. There is no going back! Are you ready for the adventure? The journey continues!

I had a number of shortcomings in 2009 but thank goodness it is  2010.  We have moved on to another chapter.  The shortcomings are now points of reference and reflection as I prepare for the revival.  For me there is an air of mystery about this year. With hard work, determination and focus we can move away from the mystery towards a more assured future and outcome. If there is such a thing as luck I have little intention of leaving others to decide my luck.

Time waits for no man. This year is already full speed ahead. I waited for it and now it has come. This is the year! BTM

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