Voice recordings

I am currently working on the voice recordings. I have been looking forward to this stage of the project  For now it will be a few voice recordings.  At some stage in future then we can move to the video recordings on You Tube. I am hoping to overcome the technology challenges soon so that we can have something to post soon. – BTM

I have done a number of voice  recordings but theyall  sound flat and  lifeless.  This is not me! That’s probably because I am reading and recording at the same time. I will try something different this time. I will recite what I can remember from memory. I have a feeling it will have a lot more life then maybe I can upload that.

Recording without reading is definitely the way to go. I am forgetting quite a bit but I love the spontaneity of the whole process. When I forget, I quickly have to come up with something before the silence becomes too long. This is the route I will take. I will study what I want to write and recite from memory. I am close to uploadind. I will do a few more takes, hopefully there will be less mistakes.

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