Tomorrow! Give it a chance!

Today’s issues for today!

When the today ends don’t carry forward any hurts, don’t carry with you any negatives but take forward the positives, the lessons, the learnings.

 When the sun goes down today, take the baggage down with it as well. Don’t wake up tomorrow with the today’s baggage. If you do so it will drag you down before the day even starts.There will be enough tomorrow to keep you busy without stuff from today!

Tomorrow is a new day! Rise and shine tomorrow just like the sun!

Don’t prejudge tomorrow, from the moment you will wake up, it will be completely unspoilt. Don’t mess things up.

Give tomorrow a chance! BTM

Author: Bruce Mubayiwa

My key interests and passions are Chess, Technology and Writing. I am the founder and editor of Africa Chess Net. My goal is to get more people playing chess in Africa.

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