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My name is Bruce Mubayiwa and I am a business strategist, chess promoter and chess player. I have a keen interest in the application of chess principles to life and business. I’ve been involved with the game of chess for over 25 years as a player, administrator, writer, promoter and strategist.

I’m the creator of the AfricaChess.net, AfricaChessMedia.com and SAChessOnline.com websites and co-founder of Africa Chess Pty Ltd. Together with other chess enthusiasts I’m involved in a massive pan African project to get more people playing chess online. So far we have connected hundreds of chess players. I’ve  personally run and organised over 500 online chess tournaments over the past year featuring many players from across the continent and sponsored several online chess events.

While there’s no substitute for  Over-The-Board chess, online chess opens up the game for so many people. The reality is that a great many people cannot take part in realrchess tournaments for one reason or another. The possibilities in online chess fascinate me greatly. Children who can’t afford to travel to distant chess tournaments can play online at a fraction of the cost.

I’m a former Operations Manager of Millionaire Chess. The Millionaire Chess Open was at that stage the richest open tournament in chess. I helped to organise and attended the 2016 Millionaire Chess Open in Atlantic City working alongside the co- founders Amy Lee and chess legend M Ashley, one of the greatest promoters in the history of the game. That tournament featured some of the strongest chess players in the World.

Based in South Africa I was involved in running the richest online chess tournament in the country hosted on the lichess platform. I’m the founder of the SA Online Chess social media group which has run several events over the past few months.

As a chess player I am the current World Open Under 1800 Champion and a former National Junior Chess Champion who has won several tournaments over the years. In the World Open event in Philadelphia, 2017 I went through the entire event without losing a single game.

One of the highlights of my involvement in chess was being a volunteer at the 2016 World Chess Championship between Magnus Carlsen and challenger to the throne Sergey Karjakin. I got to meet and accompany the chess players to the games. It was an experience I will never forget.

I’m a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA), Certified Control Self Assessor (CCSA), a former Managing Partner of Homecoming Revolution. My interviews have been featured on Good Morning Africa.


  1. wow. u got all this stuffed in your brain. i must say this is good material. hope you will write a book soon.


  2. One thing that I promise is to read your materials. And the second attempt to publish will work out right.


  3. very interesting Bruce….u make us proud. keep it up. Incidentally, i am at a point in my life where some motivational talk will dome a load of good. ever thought about being a life coach?


  4. Thanks bruce.
    We live to learn, and from people like you we learn more. Very inspiring to say the least.


  5. Just stumbled upon your blog, pretty deep stuff, well-meant, well-expressed, I can’t help but waffle about something now: I was a wee toddler in prep school when I first checked out your 6th Form profile in our high school almanac- it was immediately apparent (even to a naive 10year-old) that you, like most of the other senior adolescents adorning those pages, were destined to be- or were at least generously endowed with the potential to become- the brightest lights of all, out in the world… I commenced my own 6-year sojourn up on “HillTown” a couple years later, left, moved on into the enthralling cauldron that is the big wide world- and I’m starting to rub shoulders with a lot of the ladies and gents on whose potential I, like so many other guys, were so fixated (it’s funny, bordering on embarassing, how I can, off the top of my head, still roll off the names of so many College “icons”, most from eons before my time I’d never even set my eyes upon, who, for us greenhorned litl’uns, symbolised heroes that embodied our scholarly aspirations and ambitions to one day take over the world!). A few lads (and ladies) never lived up to that potential unfortunately, but most (I’d like to think) did and are setting the world on fire in their own significant way, all over the world- it’s awesome to see that you’re leading that pack, Sir, keep on doing your thing, inspiring people- I’m sure we’ll have the pleasure of crossing paths some time…


  6. Hello Teejay, thank you for the kind words. I am inspired not only by those who came before me but after me as well. Those who were once the juniors back then are now showing us the way and it’s just fantastic seeing people utilize and fulfill their potential. There is no age limit for excellence! Whatever stage one is at, it’s never too late for progress!

    I don’t think I am leading the pack at all. I am just following a passion of mine and hoping to add some value at the same time. Yes I do hope we cross paths some time. Have a good one. BTM


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